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Welcome to my shop page, where I sell one or two items at a time. Right now I am selling my limited-edition Kudu Huntress paper dolls (scroll down) and gallery-quality, giclee prints of  my original, mixed-media piece, "What the Cat Saw." I use PayPal for all transactions. All art purchases begin by contacting me with the details of your order so that I can make sure I have your item(s) in stock. I'll message you back with a direct link to my PayPal account. Funds must be received before I can process your order. Please allow 5-7 days processing time before your order ships. I do not offer refunds unless your order arrives damaged, in which case a full or partial refund will be granted upon receiving proof via photos.

Ok, now for the fun stuff! "What the Cat Saw" (12" x 16") is now offered in a limited-edition set of 30 at the price of $65 each, including shipping costs. If you are a local to the Morongo Basin, ask about my local's-only discount. Unless you are picking up from me, all prints are mailed directly from Pensacola, Florida. The Stackhouse is a professional , fine-art printing house that takes the utmost care with printing, packaging, and shipping; additionally, they guarantee an archival permanence of  70 + years.  "What the Cat Saw" is printed using Epson Bright Cold ink on 100% cotton rag watercolor paper, and appears every bit as vibrant as the original piece. The photo above is of the print, not the original, so you know exactly what you're getting. Check out the original on my page: 

I doubt you can tell the difference! Interested? Contact me here


Here's the skinny on my limited-edition Kudu Huntress: She costs $80 including shipping to all states within the US. For shipping outside of the US, please contact me.  If you wish to purchase a doll, please contact me here with the details of your order (your mailing address, how many dolls, if your purchase is a gift, special shipping requests) and I'll send you a link to my PayPal. Want lots more details about the Kudu and her construction? Read the informational letter I send with every Kudu sale: 

Dear Friend, 


Thank you for purchasing this one-of-a-kind handmade paper doll. The Kudu Huntress series is particularly special: at 14.5 inches in height, she is strong, protective, alert, and intuitive. She is sold in a limited edition set of 30—once the last one has been sold, only the original remains. Your doll’s special number is written on her back and on this document. 


Each doll is printed on 100% acid-free, cotton-rag watercolor paper of the highest quality using Epson Cold Bright Ink. This paper will not yellow over time and is one of the more environmentally friendly papers. After printing, a multi-day process begins: each doll’s face is brightened using oil pastels and colored pencils. The eyes are enlivened, hooves polished, and metallic foil is added in several places. Next she is coated on both sides with Krylon Cystal Coating to provide protection against UV rays and moisture. If necessary, color is touched up again after spraying. Finally, she is assembled, wrapped in tissue paper, and packed carefully in a non-crush box with protective foam. Included with the Kudu Huntress are a few double-sided wall adhesives and a poem written by yours truly. 


Because of this process, no two dolls are the same. 


Your doll can be posed in many ways by pressing gently on the individual brads to keep certain limbs in place. If you want to attach her to the wall in a low-moisture room, put one adhesive on the back of her head and one of the back of her torso. Depending on your light situation, she’ll cast wonderful shadows on your wall. If you live in a high moisture area or you are concerned about your cat or child pulling her off the wall, I highly recommend keeping her in a shadow box. I have done everything I can to ensure she is sturdy, but she’s still made out of paper, which is why we love her, so handle her with tenderness.  


I hope you love your doll as much as I do and that you will enjoy photographing her in various poses. I’d love it if you would share your photos on social media along with my Instagram handle (@lihenleyart) and website. The best kind of advertisement is word of mouth. On the back of this letter you’ll find the Kudu Huntress persona poem. Once again, thank you for your purchase and for giving this Kudu Huntress a good home. 


Yours in art and poetry,                                                                                                                                  

L.I. Henley 

Kudu Torso
Kudu Torso
Arm detail
Arm detail
Leg detail
Leg detail

Customer Reviews

"I love my Kudu Huntress paper doll! It's not often that fine art imagery as powerful and beautiful as this comes down off the gallery wall and invites us to play. I wish I'd had her when I was 12 or so--what an inspiring companion this tall, commanding antelope goddess would have been. She's captivating, enchanting and super fun to pose in various settings. The poem that came with her was equally lovely. She was carefully packed and arrived in perfect condition. I'm not generally prone to anthropomorphism, but this doll was gifted with so much spirit by her poet creator that it's hard to avoid the feeling that she's alive in some essential way. A treasure, truly." --C.G, Hollywood

"My Kudu Huntress commanded my attention from the moment I lifted her from her careful packaging. Her intense gaze is somehow also serene. She is infused with secrets. Every sculpted, firmly jointed piece of her offers clues. She is beautiful. The paper is substantial, weighted with pencils, inks, and foil. The accompanying poem helps tell the story. She is a doll to be taken seriously, to be treated with respect." --Susan Rukeyser

"Upon removing the last layer that my Kudu Huntress doll had been carefully wrapped in, I found a shimmering face staring up at me. It's body radiates with the marks of exquisite detail, grace and inner strength. Her expression is that of awareness, curiousity, maybe even a little confrontation. She is an artisan creation to behold; she hangs on my wall and I feel protected. " --Zara Kand