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Tutoring Services 

I am an experienced, energetic, and compassionate writing instructor and tutor having served at high schools, universities, and within the private sector for nearly two decades. I’ve specialized in everything from Adult Education, creative writing, reading comprehension, honor’s level critical thinking courses, private instruction, and fast-paced college writing center work. My students come from diverse backgrounds, and each bring with them unique skills and needs. I've worked with advanced students, English Language Learners, the writing-phobic, and non traditional students (Zoom, in person, and as far away as India). 

Specialties: composition, reading comprehension, writing the college essay, creative writing, visual art, and performance. 


Currently I can provide multi-session, one-on-one tutoring via Zoom and in person (Los Osos, Morro Bay). Enquire for hourly charges and package deals. Because finding the right tutor for your specific needs and learning style is important, I offer a free, 20-minute phone or Zoom consultation. 


Want to set something up? Contact me at or on my contact page here. 

Here's what I look like: 

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