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Selected Creative Nonfiction in Periodicals

Selected Poetry in Periodicals

  • Mayday Magazine, "Speaks the Dark Lobe," March, 2023

  • Bracken, "Deer and Rifle," "Hare," "Deer," issue ix, 2022

  • Tupelo Quarterly, four poems, August 2022

  • Tinderbox   “How do you resist longing?” Volume 6, issue 3, 2020

  • Diode   “What have you abandoned,” “When do you start over?” volume 12, 2019

  • Tupelo Quarterly, "What does hunger feel like?" March, 2019

  • Exposition Review   “On Light and Leaving: call and response,” volume IV, 2019

  • Spillway  “Echolocate“ issue 27, summer 2019

  • Zone 3  “The Boy and the Hare,” “The Taxidermist and the Black Bear,” spring 2019

  • Phoebe  “How to deal with your first death,” issue 48.1, winter, 2019

  • Superstition Review  “From water to water,” “Call it Cloud,” issue 24, fall, 2019

  • DIAGRAM  “Prom Night in Branford,” issue 18.1, 2019

  • Stirring  “how do you let yourself be fooled?” volume 22, 2019 

  • Cider Press Review   “The Orchard Spider & the Grub,” volume 20, issue 2, 2018

  • Glass   “Everywhere Is the Finding of Not Wings,” September, 2018

  • Waxwing  “She was dancing like something that twists,” “It’s true I seen them kissing,” issue XIV, spring, 2018

  • Bateau  “The white doctor gave me white pills,” issue 7.1, 2017

  • Rust + Moth  “There Is so Much to Say about Lightning,” spring, 2017

  • Entropy   “The Grackle,” winter, 2017

  • RHINO  “Buying Food,” fall, 2015

Selected Artwork/ Visual Poetry in Periodicals

  • Up the Staircase Quarterly"With a Light You Find Above Your Head," "Breakable Between Layers," "A Woman Traveling Alone," "Climbing, Always Climbing," issue 55, fall 2021

  • Adroit "Crowds of Ten or More," issue 36, fall 2021 

  • Calyx A weight you accept," and "Recall is another word for postponed," issue 32:3, summer/ fall 2021

  • DIAGRAM "Invitations and Replies," "The women are seated by the men," issue 21.2

  • Pretty Owl Poetry "A private dinner," "When instead," "Two people are temporary arrangements," issue 28, winter, 2021

  • The Indianapolis Review "The woman you didn't invite," "Would you like to dance?" "Her name is a small diagram," issue 14, Fall 2020

  • Thrush  “One fills and refills,” “If there is no spoon in the saltcellar,” July 2020

  • Waxwing  “Avoid seating two people next to one another,” volume 21, June 2020; cover image

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