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"Crow Lessons," 2023, Crow paper doll with 2-foot wingspan and 100 carved feathers. Music by Electric Mullet Sound Bath Experience 

I am an amateur stop-animation artist (though I'm not sure I've earned that title yet). Up until this point I've been using low cost equipment, sub-par lighting, and no real animation software to speak of. When I can afford it, I'll up my game. Until then, enjoy the imperfections and strangeness inherent to my poor-gal's methodology. Bringing my dolls to life is often an emotional experience. Sometimes the effects are comical or dark or sad, sometimes all three. As an only child growing up in the rural Mojave Desert towns of Joshua Tree and Landers, I was always making people and animals out of paper that I could talk to. Even though I'm no longer lonely, I still work out emotions and build narratives using paper. I am lucky to have Jonathan Maule lend his superb music to my work.

"What She Found in the Cave" 2022, collaboration with Zara Kand. 

Heading 1

"Three Heads Are Better," 2022. Music by Jonathan Maule.

"The Heart is a Bridge," 2022, moving collage. Music by Jonathan Maule.

"Bridges," 2022, moving collage. Music by Jonathan Maule.

"Break!" 2020. The one that started it all! Music by Jonathan Maule.

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