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Poems from collaboration with Jennifer. K Sweeney

Two Poems Diode 

"What Does Hunger Feel Like?" Tupelo Quarterly 

Poems from collaboration with Laura Maher

Two Poems The Exposition Review 

Poems from Whole Night Through (forthcoming from What Books Press, 2019)

Two Poems Waxwing

One Poem Diagram 

Five Poems Blue Fifth Review 

Two Poems 2River View (with audio)

Eight Poems The Poet's Billow (these poems won the Pangea Prize) 

One Poem The Poet's Billow (this poem won the Bermuda Prize)


Poems from Starshine Road (winner of Perugia Press Prize, 2017)

"The Grackle" Entropy Magazine 

"Keeping Our Own Names" Inlandia Journal 

"There is So Much to Say about Lightning" Rust + Moth 

"Dollar for a Funeral" Badlands Literary Journal 

"Buying Food" Originally published in Rhino, read it here


Poems from These Friends These Rooms (Big Yes Press, 2016)


"Snowfall in Late March" Winner of the Orange Monkey Publishing Prize, 2012

"Revenge" River Styx, issue 87

Poems from The Finding (Orange Monkey Press, 2015)

One Poem Orange Monkey Publishing 

Four Poems Menacing Hedge

Eight Poems FRiGG

Miscellaneous Poems

"The Orchard Spider and the Grub" Cider Press Review 

"Radish" Alimentum Journal 

"Everywhere is the Finding of Not Wings" Glass: A Journal of Poetry 

"The Boy and the Hare," "The Taxidermist and the Black Bear" Zone 3